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Mauritius island

                                                                                                                          Stella Clavisque Maris Indici
"Star and Key of the Indian Ocean"

/Motto of Mauritius/


Emerald Isle, surrounded by the Deep Blue of the Indian Ocean, with endless white beaches and exotic nature, Mauritius,  proudly wears his motto!
Unique mild climate (year-round temperatures do not drop below 20 or rises above 35, with an average moisture content) and the absence of the rainy season as such (rain can be winter, but the short-term) make Mauritius a year-round resort.
The nature of this small island is very diverse and picturesque - forested mountains, craters of extinct volcanoes, cliffs and plateaus, waterfalls, coral reefs, secluded cove with turquoise water, rich variety of exotic plants and birds.

Mauritius - an island in the south-west Indian Ocean,  east (900 km) from Madagascar  is named after the Dutch Prince Maurits van Oranje, who chaired the Dutch occupied  in 16thCentury. They used it as a temporary parking for commercial vessels.
18th century the Island goes to France, and in the 19th century - to England.
1968 - the island gained independence in 1992 - proclaimed as Republic.
Such a background could not be reflected in modern Mauritius.
The official language is English, but the more popular is French and Creole.


The population of the island is very multiethnic: mostly Hindus, Creole, Chinese and French. Such a contact and interweaving of different cultures and religions is reflected in many aspects to the Island life . In architecture for example: mosques, Hindutemples and Christian churches coexist quite peacefully with each other, and various colorful religious ceremonies are held constant on the island.



This ethnic diversity has been reflected in the local cuisine: without leaving the island you can test cuisine from several continents: Indian and Creole curry sauces,  tasty traditional French or English specialties and Chinese delicacies. Of course, as well as on any island, here you'll find an abundance of seafood and exotic fruits. In Mauritius is very famousthe Mauritian white rum and beer.
The island's capital - Port Louis was named in honor of the French king. The city lives an active life, and its small port is the busiest port in the Indian Ocean. It definitely need to see a Giant Lord Shiva Statue, Jummah Mosque, Cathedral of St. James, built in typical English style, and finally, the Hindu-Tamil temple. It is also interesting to visit the unique local market, which is mixed between the Arab and the Paris market: smiling faces, colorful saris, baskets full of vegetables and rich exotic fruits.
Despite the small size the island offers a surprising number of attractions. Spear fishing, hunting (there are special hunting areas, where you can hunt deer, wild boar, hares and birds). Horse-back riding, diving, visiting the turtle farm and nature reserves, and of course, excellent conditions for water sports: kiteboarding, windsurfing and surfing. The island for a many years is one of the best spots  in the world! Find more here.
So, come to Mauritius and spend a Dream Vacation: exotic nature, mild climate, amazing ocean views and excellent conditions for water extreme sports.     


"God first created Mauritius, then only He made Paradise as a copy of Mauritius".
(Mark Twain about Mauritius)

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