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Why Limnos

Long time Greece has been one of the most popular tourist destinations. A huge number of hotels, windsurfing and kite centers,  civilization. Nowadays is really difficult to find any  places untouched and wild. Therefore probably Limnos appealed  us. The holydays on Limnos  attributed more than to eco-tourism: beautiful nature, spacious sandy beaches, no crowds  of tourists from  “all inclusive”hotels. And of course, stable  wind! All around are only brothers on reason – windsurfers and  kiteboarders! Probably should look like a real surf PARADISE!

The Spot
The place is just unique!
Our camp is located on the beach of the wonderful Gulf Keros, which provides ideal conditions for surfers of all levels, from completely flat water in the north part of the Gulf  and waves up to 2.5 m. high in the south part.

The northern part of the Bay-Flat Spot (flat water):
- A spacious sandy beach, no umbrellas, trees and buildings

- Sandy bottom, no coral and stones

- Suitable for beginners and wind and kiteboarders, who prefer speed and Free Style
- Flat surfaceand shallow water (150-250 m wide and several kilometers long) facilitates learning and saves power
- Closed bay in combination with the prevailing north-east wind does not allow the students to get drifted  to the open sea.Tthat makes learning absolutely safe.
-The best wind blows from 09.00 AM to 15.00 PM, the wind direction is mostly north-east (sideshore).




The southern part of the bay - Wave Spot
- Suitable for advanced surfers who training them self the technique of "Wave riding", jumps and tricks in the air
- Sharp waves are very comfortable, easy jumping up to 2.5-3 m. high!
- The spots are completely safe, very close each other(5 min. driving) and are comfortable both for wind and kitesurfing.

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