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Why Mauritius

Perhaps there are no fans of water extreme sports, who will not  visit or, at least, has no plans to visit in the future, this paradise island.
The mild climate, exotic nature, excellent service and support, year-round season and excellent conditions for kiteboarding, windsurfing and surfing – that is Mauritius!
The Spot is located in the south-westpart of the island, near the small village of Le Morne. Wind here blows 300 days a year. Windiest season is the winter (our summer) from May to January. In the remaining months blowing less, can be short rain.
Conditions are suitable for both beginners and advancers -  flatwater and really huge waves.
Lagoon  (flat):
- Wide barrier reefs protects the lagoon from ocean swell and chops
- The maximum depth to the waist
- Spacious sandy beach
- Steady wind
- Inner reef: the waves rise up to 3 meters, suitable for those who are still learning technique Wave or jumping.
- Outer reef, Manawa:  located at the distance of about 2 km from the coast. Waves there sometimes reach 6-7m. (Usually 2-4 m). For advanced riders only. Sometimes there  organize groups outings.
* Observe strictly the tidesschedule, which are replaced several times a day, in order to stayout of the reef at low tide!

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