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WHERE? Limnos, Mauritius
To get success in the kiteboarding are important 3 main components: an experienced instructor, the appropriate and shallow (safe) place (Limnos, Mauritius), and of course: a stable wind!
At our school teaching only IKO certified instructors. The main thing for us  is that  the training should be effective and safe. The instructor is always beside the student in the water, the team adjusts the kites before launching.
We teach in safe  location on the beach,  there are no dangerous umbrellas, trees and buildings. There is no boats in the water area. The beach  Is open, which allows to learn kiteboarding  in comfort and  stable wind conditions.

The Training course  at our school always includes:
- Theoretical part - sailing terminology, wind orientation, rules in the water, safety, types of kites, lines and bar, setting the kite to the strong-weak wind, trainer kite.
- Water exercises.
Students,  who has completed the full course can:

-ableto choosethe equipmentat differentwind power
- Configure and test the equipment before starting
- Launch the kite with an assistant
- Assist in the launch of another kite kiter
- Body drag downwind and upwind
- Water start (port and starboard tack)
- Confidently kiting on port and starboard tack
- Going upwind

- Makes a turns (transitions)
- Owns the technique of self-rescue in the water
- Knows the rules In the water ( the rights of way)

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