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We offer two types of accommodation: in a tent camp or in a hotel,  not far away  from the camp.
Tent camp.
For those, who wish to feel  the romantic in the surf, live on the beach, wake up and fall asleep under  the harmonious sound of waves crashing on the shore, lying on the sand, and lazily sipping tasty cocktails together with  the sinking into the sea sun, we offer accommodation in a camp right on the beach, beside to the surf center.
- Bed linen and towels (linen is changed ones per 3 days, towels on request)
- In front of a tent - a table and chairs
- The central tent with kitchen (fridge, kettle, crockery, tables, chairs). If you prefer, you can cook by yourself.
- Recreation Area - chill out (hammock, pillows, magazines, etc.)
- Shower and toilet
For those who prefer a more comfort - we offer accommodation in a cozy family-run hotel near the center of the surf (transfer hotel-surf center-hotel-free).

- Breakfast. Tents:  home-made breakfast, right on the beach (included in price). The hotel breakfast is also included in the price and is held in the hotel restaurant.
- Lunch. Anyone can cook  own meals in the central tent camp, or have a lunch at a tavern near the station, or enjoy  a lunch,  delivered directly to the beach
- Dinner. Usually we cooking  Barbecues on the beach, or prepare something delicious together, or we go to dinner at one of the numerous taverns in the villages.
About the famous Taverns on Limnos - the portions there are enormous, natural products, the food is really Greek (not "food for tourists"), as most visitors are locals, who can not be fooled, so  in the quality of the food can be no doubt! Be sure to try the famous sheep cheese "limneo melihloro", which is the technology described is Omir. Like other volcanic islands of the country, Limnos produces excellent wine - Muscat, which is considered one of the best wines in Greece (made from very old vines - Limni), traditional retsina (white resin wine) and ouzo (anisette).


Find the prices for accommodation Here

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