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WHERE? Limnos. Mauritius

We have a vast experience in teaching windsurfing. Our methods are very efficient and allow our students as soon as possible to achieve maximum results. Professional instructor, a great spot (Limnos, Mauritius) and steady wind – that is exactly what you need to get fast progressing in the  windsurfing!
The Training course  at our school always includes:
- Theoretically part - sailing terminology, orientation to the wind,  rule the board at different  sailing courses, rules in the water, safety, etc.
- Simulator (simulator boards and sails on the beach) - demonstration  the elements on the simulator allows the student  quickly learn the new material. Instructor show the correct moves, body position, hands position on the boom  etc. in a quiet environment ,  so that laterin the water the students repeat it easier after  the instructor.
- Waterpractice - our instructors are always close to the students. The instructor teaches, prompt  and  corrects the wrong moves. At the end of the lesson, they can go windsurfing by them self - unlimited independent practice (if  the student  is ready to do that)
Before you start learning windsurfing, you need to determine your level :
Level 1: "Beginner" - never stood on a board or a couple of times stand somewhere and sometime.

The student, who finished  level  one should be able to:
- Well wind oriented, to be able to "read" the sailing area
- Easy ride all four sailing courses (beam reach, close reach, broad reach and run )
- Make 2 turns (tack and  basic jibe)

Level 2: "Go." Harness and beach start.
Upon completion of that levelthe students:
- Knows how to set up the  boom and the harness lines by themselves
- Confidently use the harness in all sailing courses
- Confidently beach starting from a depth above the knee

Level 3: "Advanced." Planing  and water start.
Graduates of that level can:
- Bear offdownwind on a harness
- Planing in beam reach and close-hauled courses
- Water starting in both taks

Level 4. "Super Advanced". Power jibe  and jumping.
From this level is no required to have a part  in complex lessons. You do not belong  to the category of "students" anymore,  you are  simply called "windsurfer"! Congratulations!
Usually  the windsurferstakes private lessons with an instructor (2-4 hours is enough).

A prerequisites start  training at level 4 - the ability planning upwind (close-hauled) and perfect watersart! Otherwise - see Level 3!

Level 5. Freestyle. Implementation of the various elements.
 (Front-back loops, "Volcano", "Spock", "Flaka", etc.)

6 level. Wave Riding and Free style wave
Surfing  the waves. Implementation of the various elements of the waves

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